Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paradoxes of the world

Wilson Greatbatch, an American engineer who invented the pacemaker died today, at the age of 92.  

Am I wrong or did no one put a peacemaker picture on his profile on Fcb? This man through his  invention saved many lives! Ah... but he didn't invent the I-pod. So who cares. "He probably was not a great man..."

The world is full of hypocrisy, of people that just to appear smart in front of the world, or better social network world, tend to write something only to fallow the mass.

I have nothing against Steve Jobs, which I consider a genius that in some way changed the world, but people sometime should look around them and stop being so fan only because everyone is doing it.

Nothing will change, that’s obvious, but imagining that things will change is nice. But probably I ask for too much.

Monday, September 5, 2011

MEGA PARADE CHART - 04/09/2011

Summer is almost gone and everything is starting again, the Mega Parade Chart as well.

Eleven new entries and a new number one inaugurate the new season.

A new season full of dance and songs that will make us party for a long time.

To listen to the songs, just click on it and enjoy. :)

  N  13) Avicii - Levels / Penguin (Fade Into Darkness)
  N  15) Topmodelz - My Paradise  N  17R.I.O. - Miss Sunshine
  =  18) Azuro - Ti Amo 
  N  20) Inna - Club Rocker

Out This Week
Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull - On The Floor
Dj Ross - U Got The Love
Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party
Bob Sinclar Feat. Raffaella CarrĂ  - A Far L'Amore
Britney Spears - Till The World Ends
Chris Brown & Benny Benassi - Beautiful People
Lanfranchi & Farina - Illusion Of My Mind
Alex Gaudino Feat. Kelly Rowland - What A Feeling (I'm Still In Love)
David Guetta Feat. Snoop Dog - Sweat
Nari & Milani And Cristian Marchi - Take Me To The Stars
Fantomius Meets D@ny85Dj - Battercry

Monday, August 29, 2011


It’s interesting to see how in Spain first and Italy after  the footballers decided to strike.

It’s the first time in the history of the Italian league that the football players decide not to “go to work”. It seems strange, impossible, but it’s true.

The strangest thing that come first into my head was, how is it possible? They don’t get enough money? Their clubs are not respecting the human rights? They are treated bad?

None of this.

Whatever it is, a lot of speculations have been made and after a point it’s  getting ridiculous.

Both sides are right and wrong at the same time. But the only people who are suffering, or it seems they are, are the supporters that have to watch this theatre, this comedy.

The other day during this “strike” some clubs decided to host a friendly match in their own stadiums, that obviously were full of supporters, the same ones that only few hours before were protesting on-line against the strike, saying that it was a shame.

In that moment I got completely confused. Why? I asked myself, how is it possible?

They are on strike. They are protesting against their own club. The club is protesting with the players. The supporters should be all angry. But everything seems normal.

I decided from that moment that the only thing to do was not getting bother anymore, it’s a waste of time and at the end everything will be normal, once again, or maybe it is already.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Enigma Italia

Italy is facing a critical period, never faced in its history. The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, reflects a bad image of the country, to the world around. The scandals and the unemployment rate in Italy, is one of the highest in Europe.

But what is the real Italy? Are things really like this in a country that has a rich culture and background?
Lorenzo Perrelli explored  what Italy is really like. He will take us through a journey inside and outside, analyzing this particular political moment of history, the economic crisis and of course Silvio Berlusconi.

He went to Italy and spoke with correspondent, sociologist, economist and academic professor to try to have a complete view of what is Italy today.

At the end of his journey he discovered the big problems that are surrounding the Italian peninsula, the big influence that Silvio Berlusconi has and how the world economic crisis is reflecting in Italy more than in other countries.

To show how Italy is being affected from the big economic crisis more than others, one example reflects the actual situation. Only two countries in the world in fact, have a GDP which have growing by less in the last decade. These are Haiti and Zimbabwe.

Shocking but true.

This is an unedited piece from the documentary where the academic professor of International Relations, James Walston, with an example, tries to explain the Italian economic crisis.


Disclaimer: This is a university exercise

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer 2k11 Top 10

It’s never easy to make a chart, especially in the summer. Summer is the season of joy, party, beach, sun and music. Dance music.

Usually every summer is released the dance song of the year. It happen last year with We No Speak Americano, two years ago with I Got A Feeling, three years ago with Infinity and the list goes on and on.

What about this summer? What are the Top 10 Hits that you dance everywhere around the world? And which is the possible number one of the year?

I have the answer, but let’s start, like a real chart, from number 10.

10) Bentu De Soli – Pearls Of Summer
The first song of this special chart is personally one of my favorite songs of the year, especially the remix of Molella. Music that reminds Edward Maya, Stereo Love, and sounds that, closing your eyes, makes you travel to the best beaches of the world, with a big smile on your face.

9) Black Eyed Peas – Rock This Party
They are always in a chart, every year, and obviously here they are. Perfect song if you want to party, trademark of Black Eyed Peas.

8) Avicii – Penguin (Fade Into Darkness)
If we want to put an eye at the next months, we have to mention this song. It came out almost a year ago, without vocal, only instrumental, now… it’s another story, another journey. Spectacular track by this very young dj, which is only 18 years old.

7) Cristian Marchi & Gianluca Motta – Love Comes Rising
Is one year that this song is around, but has been released only this July. Very strong, powerful and at the same time full of energy. Another great job for the two Italian djs.

6) Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat
Why? Because is known all over the world and the sax makes you dance nonstop for hours. Why only number 6? Because it came out in November and after a point, you have it so much in your mind that you can’t listen to it anymore.

5) Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull – On The Floor
We enter the Top 5 with another hit of the year. Two big names produce always a big hit and of course this is the case of this song that during this spring and, of course, summer, managed to make explode the dance floors.

4) Don Omar Feat. Lucenzo – Danza Kuduro
Song that resurfaced thanks to the movie Fast and Furious 5. In fact to be honest this song came out one year ago, exactly last summer, but didn’t have the success that had this summer. Another case of a song, that becomes famous thanks to a movie.

3) David Guetta – Sweat, Where Dem Girls At, Little Bad Girl
Every year, every season and almost every month, David Guetta now days is synonymous of success and monies. I wrote only the songs that came out in the last months, but if we started from the beginning of the year, it won’t have change anything. Always at number one and with the new album coming out in September, other hits are yet to come.

2) Swedish House Mafia – Save The World
Last year their first hit, One, arrived at number one all over the world in few weeks and it become one of the most danced song of the year, with We No Speak Americano. This year the three Swedish djs, made a more melodic song but the result is the same, direct at number 1. Amazing song and very nice video, the only reason why doesn’t reach the first position is because during the summer people want to party, dance, jump and scream and this song, even if probably it’s the best quality dance song of the year, still doesn’t have all that characteristics.

1) LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem
The party can start. I would like to hear one person that didn’t shuffle hearing this song during the last months. A part from the video which is amazing, same for the one of their new song, this hit gives everything you need when you want to have a party and gives you the essence of the summer and so, this is the reason why, I think that this one is the song of the summer 2011. No, sorry, this one is the song of the year 2011.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


New number one and we are talking about a huge hit, maybe the best quality dance song of the year, with a fantastic video as well.

We also have 3 new entries that will join us all summer with their melody, the first two, and with his energy, the last one.

To listen to the songs, just click on it and enjoy. :)

  N  18) Azuro - Ti Amo